Why I Shouldn’t Make New Year’s Resolutions

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My last blog was written December 22nd, 2012 and the sentence that ended that blog stated that one of my three goals for 2013 was to blog once a week all year. It is now May 28th, 2013 and this is my first blog of the year. I am not sure why I am so terrible at keeping up with my blog-probably because part of being an intense introvert is that I strongly dislike pointless words, and pointless conversation. I like to have a point, I hate small talk and I hate rambling (although clearly rambling is one of my few talents)

2013 has been incredible so far. I graduated from college, well I went to graduation but still have 3 credits to complete this summer, but still. However, graduation was not my biggest accomplishment. I once canceled my Netflix account for a full week in March, those of you who know me, know how big of a deal this was.  Needless to say, this year has been full of growing pains. I am moving to Washington DC for the summer on Sunday to work at the George Mason Law and Economics Center and I could not be more excited!

I am currently stranded at my mothers house in the middle of a hayfield where I am attacked by hay fever and pollen on a daily (actually hourly) basis. But I am getting to spend some quality time with my mom and my little brother who is growing like the weeds in my “front yard”.

I am not going to make any special commitments to this blog, I am just going to blog when I feel like it and see where it takes me (how millennial can I be??).


December 22, 2012 § 1 Comment

Christmas is right around the corner, and it seems crazy that it’s here already! New Years Eve will be here before we know it and I AM SO HAPPY IT IS ALMOST 2013. I am over 2012. It was a horrible year, and I am determined to make 2013 much better. 

It seems like there is so much turmoil in the world right now, in the Middle East, in North Korea, and even here in America. 20 sets of parents will wake up Christmas Day without the small child that they have most likely already purchased presents for. We have so many nationwide debates going on about gun control and the Israeli conflict, there really is so much turmoil in the world right now. 

It is so nice to know that even thought the world changes and people suck, that God doesn’t change, he stays the same, and he is in control. I can put my faith and trust in him when everything doesn’t make sense.

“He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds” – Psalm 147:3

To be continued.

Side note=

3 Goals for 2013-

1. Focus more on friendships 


3. start keeping all my debit card receipts to keep better track of how I spend my money


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you don’t realize you can’t see until you can

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Disclaimer: Alyssa Cordova inspired this blog

I recently had my first visit to the eye doctor, and I am now the proud owner of some great reading glasses. I didn’t realize how much it hurt my eyes to stare at my computer all day (first world problem I know) but then I got some glasses and it made life so much easier.

It was like all of the sudden I realized what I had been missing and now when I take off my glasses it doesn’t feel right to read or use my computer.  When I was thinking about this new realization I recognized the cheesy analogy this can be for life.

Sometimes we don’t realize how much everything sucks until we have been really happy. All of the seasons of our lives would not be distinguishable if some of them didn’t suck.  The only reason we know happiness is because we know sadness and heartache. I think this is so beautiful, (not to get all emotional and cheesy) .

Not to mention, thinking about this concept makes me think again about how much I love America ( I can bring anything back to how great America is, try me) Because we can live and learn here and we can do what we want. Our lives are not decided for us. I mean, unfortunately for liberals. Liberals wish everyone could be grouped together, lucky for America though, everyone is an individual and we can live our lives as such.


March 21, 2012 § Leave a comment

Recently the name Sandra Fluke has become a household name. I can not quite remember what is so special about her, all she did was tell the USA they needed to be forced to buy her birth control no matter what they believed  in.

Maybe if I was not a student at a large, public university , this whole situation would have thrown me for a loop. However, this is just another day for me. We have created a hook up culture on campuses all over the country, it’s no wonder everyone is concerned about the possibility of paying for their own birth control..

A threat to liberty anywhere is a threat to liberty everywhere and if you are willing to disregard someone else’s religious liberty, for the purposes of sex without consequence, don’t expect mainstream America to be on your side.  If Fluke wants to put herself in front of television screens, and proclaim women’s rights, that is fine, just don’t begin to call everyone who disagrees with you a bigot when they criticize you.

This is not even a religious issue, this is a freedom issue. This is the Obama administration using bleeding hearts to further their agenda.  Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi are using liberal hysteric woman to further the kind of America they would like to see. One where there is no family structure, and no sense of morality. This America makes the government seem more  necessary thus making their ridiculous programs seem to be needed.


Back When I was a Libertarian

December 28, 2011 § 1 Comment

As a college student, it is clear many of my peers would refer to themselves as “libertarians” as  opposed to “conservatives”. I went down that path for awhile, until I realized something very important, morals matter.  A moral society is a healthy one.


As a conservative, I am always torn between the thin line of never wanting to tell people what to do, and standing up for my strong beliefs and convictions.  When I was a libertarian, I would have believed we should not have a state institution of marriage, and I also believed many drugs shoud be legal. However, the facts are; if you have an immoral society, it is impossible to a healthy economy. 


While we have such a strong welfare nanny-state, the government has to tell people how to live their lives, because the tax-payers are supporting them.  There are consequences to  marriage, and there are reasons the state must support and encourage married couples to stay together and have children. The state has a vital interest in maintaing the family structure, so families can provide for and protect each other, and the government plays less of a role in our lives.


Libertarians believe religion should play no role in government and they claim to not care if the politicians they support believe in God. I have to disagree with that. As my uncle says “Without the church, you get somewhere like India, with a strong church, you get America, with an apathetic church, you get liberal America” I could not have put it better myself. The United States is a immensely blesssed country, but to whom much is given, much is expected. Americans are capable of taking care of the poor in their community, but there is no urgency because people know the government is supporting people, and it is not necessary.


Character matters, and if someone is running to be the leader of the free world, we should care about who they are, in their family life, in their private life, and obviously in their public life. I cannot vote for someone I do not respect or trust. It is safe to say my journey from libertarian to conservative is finished. 

The State of My Generation

November 2, 2011 § Leave a comment

In a recent survey of 18-34 year old Americans, it appears most young people are in a very unhappy financial situation. Another recent poll shows that 48% of the young people surveyed are worried about their financial future, and believe they may never be as well off as their parents.


When asked what young people believe the job of congress should be many students replied with; jobs, education and ensuring social security will still be around for us when we reach retirement age. These problems of financial security and anxiety did not begin to surface overnight.


Rewind to our childhood, we were all taught we are all equal, that everyone was good at something. Even though everyone couldn’t win a World Series, we were all taught that we were winners at T-ball—whether or not you could hit a ball and run in a straight line to first base was beside the point. So, now as we reach young adulthood, it is hitting us like a brick wall, that we may never be successful.


I am worried my generation does not care about producing great products anymore. We were taught the rich were evil and greedy. We were raised in a culture immersed in the idea we would always get what we wanted. It comes as a shock to most of us, when we get to college and we are forced to try in our studies.


My generation is a generation built on the taking the easy way out. We have been holding out for the day we wake up and suddenly own a successful business or suddenly have a high-paying position at a fortune 500 company. It is no wonder my generation was so flabbergasted to find out our student loans had risen 42% since the previous generation. After all, all things worthwhile are free.


The same young America who is concerned for their personal financial state is the same young America who voted for President Barack Obama in 2008. The same President who literally blew up the economy and ran it into the ground face first. If he had done nothing, it would not be worse, I would even suggest it would be better.


Inflation is skyrocketing and unemployment is at the highest percentage for our age group. Over 18 million young people are unemployed right now and millions of us are living on food stamps. Once again another higher number than ever imaginable in this land of opportunity. The percentage of unemployed young people has never been as high as they are right now. This recession is turning us into a lost generation.


Still, some of us will not learn. Some of us will choose to sit in a park in NYC full of envy, and pretend to hate money. Others of us will work ourselves to death trying to rebuild this great nation. The latter is sadly a much smaller group.


Comparatively, my generation is becoming one of problem makers and not problem solvers, instantly causing us all to rethink ever playing T-ball. Young people are the biggest losers in this crisis, and this joblessness will haunt us for years to come. With all of our hearts we should pray this president does not get re-elected this year, literally for the sake of our generation.




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